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Why Should You Attend This Training?

Facility Security Requirements (FSR) and Trucking Security Requirements (TSR) have been established by TAPA's security professionals within the theft sensitive industry to address the nature by which theft sensitive products are handled in facilities like warehouses and transportation over road.

The FSR and TSR specifies the minimum acceptable security standards and the methods to be used in maintaining those standards. It outlines the processes and specifications for Service Providers to attain TAPA certification for their facilities and truck operations. It is the intention of TAPA members to select Service Providers which meet or exceed TAPA certification requirements.

Successful implementation of the FSR and TSR is dependent upon Service Providers, TAPA Certified Auditors and Buyer of Services working in concert to accurately interpret, adopt and audit against these requirements.

Who Should Attend?

Logistics Directors, Logistics Managers, Logistics Procurement Managers, Security Managers and Security Service Providers.


Day 1:

FSR 2017 Standard

>> Facility Security Requirements: Introduction

  • TAPA's FSR Standards / Application Process
  • TAPA FSR Classification Levels
  • Certification Procedure & Flowchart
  • FSR Certification Documents & Forms
  • TAPA Self Certification Process
  • Certification Procedures / Corrective Actions, Waivers
  • Benefits of the FSR Program

Day 2:

TSR 2017 Standard

>> TSR Policies and Procedures: Introduction part I

  • TAPA's TSR Standards / Application Process
  • TAPA TSR Classification Levels
  • Certification Procedures / Corrective Actions, Waivers
  • TSR/ TTSP Concept in a Nutshell
  • TSR Certification Documents & Forms
  • Benefits of TSR
  • TAPA Self Certification Process / Process Flowchart

>> TSR Policies and Procedures: Introduction part II

  • Roles & Responsibilities (R&R) of all parties involved

Day 3:

  • FSR & TSR Audit Report Writing Workshop
  • Practice MCQs
  • FSR & TSR Exam after Lunch


  • Herdial Singh (Director - Quality & Business Excellence of Agility Logistics Services Pte Ltd)

    Herdial Singh

    Director - Quality & Business Excellence of Agility Logistics Services Pte Ltd

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About TAPA

The Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA), a non-profit organization, is a unique forum that unites global manufacturers, logistics providers, freight carriers, law enforcement agencies, and other stakeholders with the common aim of reducing losses from international supply chains.

Founded in 1997, TAPA has three regions across the globe namely Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa and the Americas The Association has over 700+ members include many of the world's leading manufacturing brands as well as their logistics and transport providers with combined annual sales of over US$900 billion.

TAPA has developed Facility Security Requirements (FSR) for the Supply Chain, which includes warehouse security, Truck Security Requirements (TSR) for road transportation, Air Cargo (TACSS) and Food & Drugs security (FDFSR).

TAPA is moving quickly and effectively, promoting a worldwide security standard, sharing crime intelligence with its members and law enforcement partners and launching practical initiatives. The Incident Information Service (IIS) is a database of freight crimes occurring against the industry and TAPA members. The database stores incidents such as crimes of hijacking, robbery, warehouse burglary, fraud, theft from facilities and thefts from and of the vehicle & load.


So, how can TAPA help your business fight cargo crime?

  1. The Association's Security Requirements are recognised globally as the industry standard for cargo facility and transport security.
  2. TAPA's Incident Information Service (IIS) constantly captures and shares data, enabling you to use the latest cargo crime intelligence to avoid incident 'hotspots', protect your goods in transit and, if required, to report and trace stolen property.
  3. TAPA regularly consults at the highest level of relevant government departments and with law enforcement agencies to support the requirements of its members in their campaign to reduce crime
  4. Conferences in the Asia region bring together over 150 security specialists to listen to presentations on the latest solutions in the fight against crime, to share best practice and to network with like-minded companies.
  5. Quarterly newsletter communication, lobby groups and working parties

If you manufacture or provide transport and logistics services for high value products, TAPA membership should be critical to the success of your business, safeguarding your goods, ensuring customer orders are fulfilled and protecting your business reputation and financial performance.

TAPA statistics prove that its members are measurably reducing cargo crime compared to the rest of the industry. Read about our case studies on our TAPA website.